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Attribution Habit #1

Develop a set of channels to define your marketing efforts.
Share it across your organization.

Think about the big buckets that identify the different areas where you spend money or effort (paid search, paid social, display, events, etc). If you are not exactly sure how to divide the channels, think about how your budget is prioritized, how your teams are organized and if you work with any agencies in support of specific activities.
The sub-channels should be smaller buckets within the bigger buckets that more clearly define the main channel. For example, the Paid Search channel can be divided into Google, Bing, Yahoo and Other sub-channels.


I've started a template to help get you started. This CSV provides a framework and some suggested channels and sub-channels.

Creating and maintaining a Channel Worksheet will help keep your marketing teams on track, but it's also critical you communicate this across your organization. Be sure to share with your sales team, management team, as well as internal operations teams and external agencies. Stay aligned with these groups on where you promote your messages as well as how you label those channels. It may seem simple, but its the number one area that I see companies get hung up. Its simplicity is what makes it so important.